Guarneri-copy cello, c.1900

A cello has been stolen from St Kilda, Melbourne at the beginning of May. It is described as being a Guarneri copy (with fake Guarneri label), c. 1900 with reddish brown varnish and double bass type metal tuning pegs and a repaired crack on the lower treble bout.

Should you see or have any information about this cello please contact Detective Justin O’Brien at St Kilda CIB on 03 9536 2626. The Police reference no. is LEDR1603288.

Violins stolen in Melbourne

The following violins were stolen from Melbourne on 3 April 2013

French 7/8 violin by Sebastien A. Deroux
French labelled “Buthod”
German trade labelled Juanarius Galiano
Gliga Superior
Violin warquetry inlay, village scene on back
German trade 7/8
German trade, Strad copy

All the instruments are typical for their type, the exceptions being the violin with the distinctive marquetry back and the Deroux which is described as a very attractive instrument. All but two of the violins are 4/4 size.

Should you have information on any of the above, please contact Detective Senior Constable Wes Bryant from Oakleigh police station – Phone: 95678910; reference number: LEDR1588775.

Stolen Stehlik Lajos 4/4 Violin – RECOVERED

We have been advised by Victoria Police that this instrument has now been recovered. Excellent news for the owner.

A full size Hungarian violin in Italian style, c. 1910 labelled:

“Stehlik Lajos, Hangszer Keszito, Budapest VIII Jozsef Korut 71”

has recently been reported stolen (February 2012). It is in very good condition.

Should you have any enquiries in relation to this violin or have any knowledge or hear any snippets of information on this instrument, please contact:

Gerry Muileman, Detective Senior Constable 31761, Whitehorse Crime Investigation Unit in Box Hill. Tel: 8892 3334, Fax: 88923340 or email


Cestmir Musil violin, c.1950s

A violin has been reported missing from Melbourne University on Thursday 15 September 2011.

It is labelled Cestmir Musil, c. 1950’s and has some varnish discolouration near the chin rest and alongside the fingerboard. It has an ebony chinrest and Evah Pirazzi strings. There are also two bows in the case which is a new black BAM Stylus soft shell case.

This was reported to Melbourne North Police station on 17 September and should you have any information with regard to this instrument please contact them on 8379 0800.

Giovanni Gabba violin (1969) and Carlo de March violin (1948)

Two violins have been stolen from Carlton on 18 November 2011

These instruments were taken from the owner’s side as he was unloading his car in Carlton, Victoria, on Friday evening 18 November, 2011.

The instruments are labelled: Giovanni Gabba 1969 and Carlo de March 1948. They were in a rectangular, brown, double-case covered with vinyl, fake crocodile skin. The vinyl is significantly worn. There were four bows inside the case. Three are cheap, but good, modern Chinese bows, with little hair. The fourth is a better quality, un-named, late nineteenth century bow, of Pernambuco wood with an ivory frog. Inside the case, also, was the owner’s busking permit, which, if it remains in the case, would quickly identify the stolen goods.

The de March has a chin rest, but an older type (not plastic), covered with a greyish fabric, or parchment … quite an unusual, distinctive chin rest. It is a more finely crafted instrument. After various discussions and advice, the owner believes that it is probably genuine. It is slightly deeper red than the Gabba, and slightly smaller, a small Strad model, probably.

Opinion has divided over the Gabba. Some experts have thought it genuine, others have thought it to be French. It has no chin-rest.

Both are fine concert instruments.

If you have any information on any of the above instruments please contact Melvyn Cann on

Violin labelled Sanctus Seraphin, Utinensis Fecit, Venitijs Ann. 17

A violin labelled “Sanctus Seraphin, Utinensis Fecit, Venitijs Ann. 17” has gone missing from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide.

It has a one piece back, the sides and head are made from close-flamed maple. The top is made from fine to medium grained pine and it has very full arching. The instrument is covered with a light yellow-brown varnish and is in good condition.

Any information or leads which might help to locate this violin would be very much appreciated. Please contact Keith Crellin at

Millant Cello and Fetique Cello Bow – RECOVERED

This cello has now been recovered! Rosy Hunt would like to thank everyone who offered support and help following the theft and subsequent period of searching until the recovery of her instrument.

A cello has been stolen from Ms Rosy Hunt, Caulfield, Melbourne on Friday 16 September 2011. See more details at:

The cello by R & M Millant was accompanied by two bows, one Fetique and one Tourte copy, and was in a shaped blue Laughlin cello case covered by a lot of stickers.

Following is a description of the cello and Fetique bow:

The cello is by R & M Millant and bears its original label dated 1952 in Paris. The number 341 and the initials RMM enclosed by a parallelogram constructed of purfling material are to be found on the lower bout ribs by the end pin.

The back is of two pieces of medium to narrow, regularly flamed maple with the figure descending very slightly from the centre joint; the sides and head are of similar wood; the top plate is of two pieces of slightly wavy grained spruce of medium spaced reed lines at the centre, growing progressively wider towards the flanks; the varnish is of warm, golden brown laid over a light golden ground. The length of the back is 761 mm.


Rib Garland : There is a short (c. 25 mm) shrinkage crack on the lower ‘C’ bout corner; two short cracks (c. 95 mm) on the lower bass bout rib.

Back Plate : There are three cracks, (c. 75 mm, 25 mm and 55 mm) respectively, running downwards from the upper bass side edge and a short crack (c. 40 mm) running upwards from the lower treble edge.

Top Plate : There are cracks on both ƒ hole wings; a sound post crack (c. 170 mm); two short cracks (c. 70 mm each) running upwards from the lower edge of the plate; a short crack (c. 70 mm) running upwards from the lower bass bout edge; two short cracks (c. 80 mm and 55 mm) running downwards from the upper bass bout edge.

It has a bridge stamped Bridgewood & Neizert.

The French cello bow by Victor Fetique is stamped “VTOR FETIQUE A PARIS” on the near side of the handle and “EXPION BRUXELLES” on the far side.

The bow comprises a round pernambuco stick with gold mounted ebony frog which is decorated with a pearl eye surrounded by a gold band; the adjuster of ebony with gold bands on either side of a central section of mother of pearl inlays and capped with a pearl eye.

The second bow was silver mounted with “TOURTE” stamped on the frog or handle.

A little information is available regarding the possible perpetrator:

The person who it is believed to have stolen this instrument was driving a very distinctive vehicle. It was a an old-looking 1990s model white ute, the sort you see at building sites, with an orange light on top of the middle of the drivers cabin. It was noisy! Sped off with a lot of noise. It had a white grill behind the rear window that was cross hatched.

We think the driver, who was in a fluoro jacket, was probably on his way home from a building site in the St Kilda area. He had short brown hair, was of medium build, about 40.

So if anyone sees a vehicle like this, esp in the St Kilda area, take note of the number plate and phone Rosy Hunt (0420 866461) or Crimestoppers. We want a rego!

Maggini copy violin

A Maggini copy violin was lost/stolen outside the South Brisbane Sailing Club at West End on Sunday 16 May 2010 between approx. 7.00 pm and 7.30 pm.

The violin is probably of German trade origin from the 1800s and was in its case with two bows and all accessories.

Should you have any information, this loss/theft has been reported to the Dutton Park Police and they can be reached on (07) 3020 8111, Crime Report Number QP1000492887.

David Gusset violin and Albert Nurnberger violin bow

The following two instruments were in a vehicle stolen in Melbourne on 12 April 2010.

Details for the violin are as follows:

The violin is by David Gusset, Eugene, Oregon, USA and bears it’s original label dated 1993.

The back plate is of two pieces of medium to broad regularly flamed maple with the figure descending slightly from the centre joint; the sides and head are of narrower flamed maple; the top plate is of two pieces of straight grained spruce of close, evenly spaced reed lines; the varnish is of a reddish-brown laid over a golden ground. The length of the back is 353 mm.

Condition: There is a natural wear pattern in the varnish. The violin is otherwise in excellent condition.

Details for the bow are as follows:

A German violin bow from the Nürnberger workshop stamped *ALBERT NÜRNBERGER* on the near side facet of the handle and “GERMANY” on the lower facet. The bow comprises a round pernambuco stick with gold mounted ebony frog which is decorated with Parisian eyes; the three piece adjuster of gold / ebony / gold. The bow weighs 60 gm.

Condition There are old repaired cracks on the off side of the frog and the pearl slide is almost entirely worn away; the ivory tip plate is broken. The bow is otherwise stable and generally in very good condition.

Should you have any leads on either of these items please contact the Moonee Ponds police station on 03 9373 5200.