Violin, viola and cello stolen from Canberra

The following instruments have been reported stolen from a car parked in Kingston, Canberra on Friday night, 26 February 2010 sometime between 7.30 pm and 9.30pm.

French, made by Jerome Thibouville Lamy, c. 1890 – 1910. The label reads that it is an imitation Amati and the maker’s initials should be on the label as well. The varnish is of a golden yellow colour with few, if any, distinguishing marks or variations in colour. It has a shaped, dark blue case.

The 16” viola was made by John Johnston in 2009 and is labelled as such. It is a Guadagnini model with reddish / brown varnish, lightly antiqued. The case is red with some silver and a sticker.

The contemporary Chinese cello carries a KG label and has a red / orange varnish. It’s case is black with a shiny finish.

Should you have any further information on any of the above please contact Officer Joshua Burnett at the Woden Police Station on 02 6256 7777, incident reference 413470.

Sebastian Kloz Violin and Hill Violin Bow – RECOVERED

The following violin and bow were stolen from a Melbourne home on Sunday, 15 March 2009.


The violin is of German origin, c. 1830 and is labelled Sebastian Kloz, Mittenwald. It also bears the stamp of New Zealand repairer “JAMES HEWITT” dated 1930 on the inside top block.

The back is of one piece of medium to broad flamed maple with the figure running horizontally; the sides are of similar wood; the later head of plainer maple; the top is of two pieces of straight grained spruce of close, irregularly spaced reed lines; the surface varnish is of a dark brown colour. Length of back is 353 mm.


HEAD : The later head is grafted to a new neck; the neck is fitted with a wedge and appears to be screwed through the neck root into the top block.

SIDES : There are old stable cracks on all sections of the rib garland.

BACK : The button of the back plate has been replaced and appears to be pinned through into the top block; there is an old crack c. 45 mm long running downwards from the bass side of the button.

TOP : The top plate has numerous old cracks on all areas of the plate.

VARNISH : The surface varnish is not original.


The bow is by W E Hill & Sons of London, c. 1935 and bears the stamp “HILL” on the handle and the stamp “ENGLAND” on the lower facet of the handle. The bow comprises a round pernambuco stick with plain ebony frog half mounted in silver; the adjuster of silver capped with a pearl eye.

The bow weighs 66.5 gm and is in excellent condition.

Should you have any information on either of the above two items please contact the West Melbourne Police Station on 03 9247 6491. Their reference number for this incident is LEDR738284

28 March 2009 – RECOVERED

The owner advised us today that this violin and bow has been found by the Police and that the entry in the Missing Instrument Register had been seen by a party involved in the recovery of these items.

Colin Mezin violin – RECOVERED

On Saturday, 20 September, one of our customers had a violin stolen from the boot of her car in South Yarra, Melbourne. The violin was on approval from Alex W Grant Violins and naturally both we and the customer are anxious to recover it.

This matter has been reported to the Stonnington Crime Investigation Unit, Prahran Police station. The contact for this matter is Leading Senior Constable Anthon Bennett. His phone number is 03 9520 5216 and the incident number to quote is 080259845.

Should you be offered the instrument, please contact either ourselves or the police without delay and retain the violin if possible.

The violin is by Colin-Mezin, 1926 and bears the words “Le Victorieux” and the serial no. 334 on the label. It may also have a tag attached to one of the pegs with the stock number CVN496. The violin has our set up and the bridge has our stamp on it.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

28 NOVEMBER 2008

We were delighted today to hear from the Police that this instrument has now been recovered, thanks entirely to the vigilance of the Melbourne playing public. Many thanks to everyone who showed their concern and support over this stolen violin.

I would like to express my thanks to the AVMA for offering the facility to publicise the theft of a valuable instrument and for playing a MAJOR part in its recovery.

It is thanks to the vigilance of a local player and the AVMA Missing Instrument Register, that this instrument was located and returned to me.

The local police were very impressed with the Missing Instrument Register and asked that I pass on their thanks in the hope that you will continue and expand this valuable service.

Kim Ho