David Gusset violin and Albert Nurnberger violin bow

The following two instruments were in a vehicle stolen in Melbourne on 12 April 2010.

Details for the violin are as follows:

The violin is by David Gusset, Eugene, Oregon, USA and bears it’s original label dated 1993.

The back plate is of two pieces of medium to broad regularly flamed maple with the figure descending slightly from the centre joint; the sides and head are of narrower flamed maple; the top plate is of two pieces of straight grained spruce of close, evenly spaced reed lines; the varnish is of a reddish-brown laid over a golden ground. The length of the back is 353 mm.

Condition: There is a natural wear pattern in the varnish. The violin is otherwise in excellent condition.

Details for the bow are as follows:

A German violin bow from the Nürnberger workshop stamped *ALBERT NÜRNBERGER* on the near side facet of the handle and “GERMANY” on the lower facet. The bow comprises a round pernambuco stick with gold mounted ebony frog which is decorated with Parisian eyes; the three piece adjuster of gold / ebony / gold. The bow weighs 60 gm.

Condition There are old repaired cracks on the off side of the frog and the pearl slide is almost entirely worn away; the ivory tip plate is broken. The bow is otherwise stable and generally in very good condition.

Should you have any leads on either of these items please contact the Moonee Ponds police station on 03 9373 5200.