Giovanni Gabba violin (1969) and Carlo de March violin (1948)

Two violins have been stolen from Carlton on 18 November 2011

These instruments were taken from the owner’s side as he was unloading his car in Carlton, Victoria, on Friday evening 18 November, 2011.

The instruments are labelled: Giovanni Gabba 1969 and Carlo de March 1948. They were in a rectangular, brown, double-case covered with vinyl, fake crocodile skin. The vinyl is significantly worn. There were four bows inside the case. Three are cheap, but good, modern Chinese bows, with little hair. The fourth is a better quality, un-named, late nineteenth century bow, of Pernambuco wood with an ivory frog. Inside the case, also, was the owner’s busking permit, which, if it remains in the case, would quickly identify the stolen goods.

The de March has a chin rest, but an older type (not plastic), covered with a greyish fabric, or parchment … quite an unusual, distinctive chin rest. It is a more finely crafted instrument. After various discussions and advice, the owner believes that it is probably genuine. It is slightly deeper red than the Gabba, and slightly smaller, a small Strad model, probably.

Opinion has divided over the Gabba. Some experts have thought it genuine, others have thought it to be French. It has no chin-rest.

Both are fine concert instruments.

If you have any information on any of the above instruments please contact Melvyn Cann on