Charles Darley Hume Violin – RECOVERED

Violin by Charles Darley Hume in excellent condition with the maker’s label attached and a second label The “Bertha”.

The front is of close grained spruce narrowing at the flanks. The two-piece back is of medium curl maple, the curl descending from the joint. The neck and scroll are of matching maple and the ribs are of a closer curl maple. The instrument is generously covered with an oil varnish, reddish brown in colour. Body length is 360 mm, Rib Height is 32.2mm – 29.8mm.

Also stolen was a (French) bow stamped “Lupot” and a second bow stamped “Egidus Dorfler” or just “Dorfler”. A third bow had no known markings.

Also taken was a Mamby violin and a 3/4 violin. One violin is in a well worn black Bobelock rectangular case.

If you have any information on this instrument please contact Detective Senior Constable Matt Prestage, Cobram, Victoria (03) 5871 2866, or reference no. LEDR2052917.

We are pleased to confirm that this violin and the accompanying bows have been recovered and are now back in the hands of their delighted owner.