1908 Smith violin + other violins, viola, cello, bows – RECOVERED

All items have been safely recovered from a stolen car in Dandenong and returned to their owner.  Thanks to all those who actively searched for and publicised this theft.

The following instruments were taken on the night of the 6.1.2020. The front door was forced and only the instruments were stolen. The police report number is 22752401. The reporting station is Oakleigh.

Smith Violin 1908 with Paesold gold mounted bow and Hill Bow,  in yellow hard case.

KG 15″ Viola with 2 carbon fibre bows in blue Tonarell case with wheels.

KG Full size Cello with carbon fibre bow in Red hard case with wheels.

Bow case – Black with 6 assorted violin bows including one with red hair.

2 x 3/4 size German Trade Violins in Canvas covered cases.