Volker Beilharz

Volker Beilharz was born in rural Victoria, a southern state of Australia into a family that valued the cultural traditions of music, literature and art of Western Europe very highly. He studied ‘cello at the Victorian College of the Arts for two years before completing a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University in the 1980’s. At this time he began working at a local violin shop in Melbourne. His interest in this field soon expanded into full-time work and various training situations. The foundations of his abilities were laid in the years he spent working with David Sayers in Melbourne in the late eighties. Since then he has been involved in various other professional development activities including attending the intensive Violin Making summer school at Oberlin College in the USA.

Volker lives in Castlemaine in rural Victoria and runs a workshop in the inner suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne where he is available for consultation by appointment. He divides his time between these two places of work.

Today Volker Beilharz mostly works as a bowed string instrument set-up, repair and restoration specialist. He also works on bow repair including bow rehairing. He makes the occasional new instrument.

Telephone: 0437 523 700

Address: 26A Liddiard Street, Hawthorn, 3122, Victoria

Email: vbv@volkerbeilharzviolins.com.au

Web: www.volkerbeilharzviolins.com.au