The Australian Violin Makers Association was founded in 2008 to promote a standard of excellence in craftsmanship and ethical behaviour that would instil confidence and trust within the musical community of Australia.

The AVMA represents the most accomplished makers, dealers and restorers in Australia and has strict membership requirements. Prospective members are required to submit a specific example of work for peer review and have a minimum of nine years experience in the profession. In addition, members will necessarily have a work history of high ethical standing showing due respect to the musicians they serve, the objects in their care and, not least, their colleagues.

Members of the AVMA are guided in their approach by a Code of Ethics to ensure that the valuable and culturally significant instruments and bows in their keeping are properly treated and maintained.

The AVMA actively encourages the development of members’ knowledge and expertise by means of conferences, workshops and demonstrations at meetings. They have initiated a Missing Instrument Register and will endeavour to link to other such registers, both nationally and internationally, in an attempt to recover lost and stolen instruments.