The Australian Violin Makers Association Inc. was formed in 2008 as a not-for-profit organisation with the following aims:

•  To aid violin and bow maker apprentices to develop into full fledged Journeymen and to provide an opportunity to earn a recognised certificate issued by the Association.

•  To promote fellowship among its members.

•  To provide standards of ethical conduct.

•  To engender prestige and respect to its members and their profession.

•  To co-operate with organisations, government agencies and others with kindred interests and problems.To develop and conduct educational and public relations activities.

•  To develop sources of raw materials and build an awareness of conservation requirements with regard to these materials.

•  To help develop the members’ knowledge in repairing, making and expertise by having the most knowledgeable members share their expertise with the others, by means of conferences and demonstrations at meetings.

•  To organise violin and bow making exhibitions under the sponsorship of the Association.