Rainer Beilharz

Rainer has been a full time violin maker since 1982. He received the journeymans certificate (Gessellenbrief) in Markneukirchen 1993, and the title of masterviolinmaker (Geigenbaumeister), issued with distinction by the Handwerkskammer Munchen und Oberbayern in 1997. Both certificates were gained during a seven year period in southern Germany in which he worked in the workshops of Bernhard Franke and Antoine Muller in Stuttgart.

The study of the best old instruments is central to his work and he has traveled the world to do this. He has had many opportunities to handle and work on masterpieces by the most famous Italian, German and French makers. These have made a lasting impression and he bases new instruments on examples he knows particularly well: a Stradivari violin of 1703 and an early Montagnana cello, as well as several del Gesu models.

Since 1997 Rainer has been based in Guildford, in central Victoria, Australia. He work from home in a specially built workshop where he focusses on making new violins and bows.

Address: Fryers Street, Guildford, Victoria 3451, Australia

Tel / Fax: +61 (0)3 5473 4404

Email:  rainer@rainerbeilharzviolins.com.au

Website: www.rainerbeilharzviolins.com.au

Services: Maker of new violins, violas, cellos and bows